Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun. You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills – all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.
Club Name Advisor Meeting location
Anime Club Henderson C2
B-Boy Bennett X10
Band & Colorguard Moura J1
OG Runners Club Bennett X10
BSU Goldhamer PF21
C.A.C.T.U.S Braun U104
Car Club Thompson Q2
Choir Thai J3
Choreo Club Appleby New Quad
CSF Kick U105
Drive for Change  Allen X8
Eagle Debate Forteamo U108
Engineering Club Stevens/Quan X11
Environmental Action Club Kwong E3
Feminist Club Barnett G1
Filipino Student Union Carmen/Tara Belleza/Coburn B1
French Siegel B12
Gay Straight Alliance Barnett G1
Hospitality Club Coburn E12
Interact Allen X8
K-Pop Kim S3
Key Quan S1
League of Legends Allen X8
LSU Leal Parent Center
Muslim Student Association Rehman B4
NHS Kick U105
Outdoor Adventure  Johnson/deSousa X7
P.E.C. (Perceive, Express, Cultivate) Barnett/Van Hook E2/G1
Polynesian  Appleby B6
Rock Climbing Quan/L. Tran Small Gym
The Green Thumb K. Lynch C4
Vietnamese Student Union L. Tran X3
Window to the World  Gavin C16
6th Man  Mendoza/Chung C10