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Mission Statement & SLOs


To provide a safe, caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, personal and social development required to become life-long learners, pursue post-secondary education, compete in a changing job market, and participate in a multicultural, democratic society.


These skills represent the building blocks necessary to assure success for all graduating students at Oak Grove High School.


Social Contributors

Students are community contributors. All students:

  •   Work collaboratively with diverse populations.

  •   Exercise responsible behavior to facilitate academic and social success.

  •   Contribute time and talents to improve the natural environment as well as the quality of life in the school and surrounding community.

  •   Feel proud of their cultural background and support activities that celebrate other cultures.


Outstanding Communicators

Students communicate effectively. All students:

  •   Speak, listen, read and write critically and reflectively.

  •   Acknowledge other points of view and respectfully seek conflict resolution.


Academic Achievers

Students demonstrate academic achievement. All students:

  •   Create intellectual and artistic projects.

  •   Identify, locate, and organize information or data.

  •   Demonstrate computer literacy.

  •   Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information through independent and /or cooperative efforts.


Respectful Citizens

Students demonstrate logical and effective decision-making skills. All students:

  •   Apply problem solving and decision making strategies to real-life scenarios.

  •   Demonstrate honesty and integrity in their academic pursuits.

  •   Conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

  •   Have knowledge of and comfort for people of different cultural, racial, ethnic back grounds.