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               Mission Statement

The Oak Grove English Department is dedicated to providing dynamic instruction to foster passionate, creative, and collaborative learning for all students. Our department is committed to teaching the common core standards to ensure college and career readiness.


Contact Jennifer Black  Jennifer Black (408) 347-6936 English Teacher
Contact Juliane Boyd  Juliane Boyd Teacher
Contact Morgan Goldstein  Morgan Goldstein (408) 347-6941 English Teacher
Contact David Greulich  David Greulich Teacher
Contact Scott Henderson  Scott Henderson (408) 347-6946 English Teacher
Contact Dana Johnson  Dana Johnson (408) 347-6952 English Teacher
Contact Kaylin Knight  Kaylin Knight (408) 347-6983 Teacher
Contact Greg Mahan  Greg Mahan (408) 347-6943 English Teacher
Contact Melissa Peth  Melissa Peth (408) 347-6970 English Teacher
Contact Laurie Pizzuti  Laurie Pizzuti (408) 347-6690 English Teacher
Contact Anna Thomas  Anna Thomas (408) 347-6958 English Teacher
Contact Abel Vera  Abel Vera (408) 347-6949 English Teacher
Contact Jennifer Vermillion  Jennifer Vermillion (408) 347-6868 English Teacher (ERWC, English II)