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Saba Rehman


Welcome to my schoolloop page. I have been teaching at Oak Grove High School since  September 2005. This year I am teaching Common Core Math 2 and Math Analysis.  Please check the course calendar for for the assignments. You can also check your student's grade on schoollloop.

Contact Information

Room B4


Phone: 347-6975 (voice)

Big Idea Math Video Lessons

Please use the following link to access Math video lesson for reviewing each section from your math textbook.



Our program ( Math course book ) is integrated Math 2016

Assignment collection procedure for my  Math 2 classes

Posted by: Saba Rehman Due: 8/28/17

This is the explanation of  the assignment collection procedure for all my classes.

  • Each student in my Math class should bring their math Journal (workbook) to class every day. We will do Chapter notes and extra practice in the Journals and I will collect their Journals at the end of each chapter.


  • In addition to the Journals students will also get some Practice and Puzzle handouts and I will collect those the following day.


  • Most work is done in class and if they finish the work before leaving,then there is no homework.


  • As we approach end of the chapter I start to remind them about test and Journals collection day. This information is also posted in class and on schoolloop couple of days before everything is due.




  • To earn full credit on assignments, students should show all work neatly and completely in pencil. Homework should be done by the  following day.


  • If you have an excused absence, it is your responsibility to turn in any work that was assign during your absence within reasonable amount of time upon your return. 50% will be deducted for late work.

No make-up work for unexcused absences or if you were in the class and descided not to do the work.


There are NO re-Take for the test.



Mrs. Rehman


Big Idea Math Videos lessons App

Posted by: Saba Rehman Due: 8/28/17

Dear parents and students,

Please download big idea math video app on your phone/tablet. then find your textbook in the app (look at the front of your textbook to identify it in the app).

This app explains each lesson with examples. If you need reteaching on any topic just watch the video lesson for that section.

It's free!


Mrs. Rehman


How to access the Big Idea Online content from home

  • From your home computer open internet browser (Explorer, Chrome, etc.).
  • Go to
  • Log-in using
  • Click on “Big Ideas Math” (upper left)
  • Go to “Assignments” tab and click on “Review Section ---”
  • Remember to “Save” if you’re not finish yet (upper right by your name)
  • “Submit” at the end (upper right by your name)
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