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Rich Young


Welcome to my web page.

I teach Physical Education.

you can contact me at

OakGrove High SchoolPhysical Education

Mr. Young’s Syllabus


High School Requirements: to graduate you must pass two years of physical education.


Course Description: consists of two courses (Course 1, mostly 9th graders and Course 2 mostly 10th graders). Course 1 is individual, dual sports, and fitness (i.e.: badminton, tennis, rock climbing, weight training, running, and swimming. Course 2 emphasizes team sports and fitness.


Grading Policy: students receive 10 points a day. The 10 points are for daily participation, attendance, and tardiness. This part of the student grade is weighted @ 100% of their overall grade.



Minus Points: are taken from the student for various reasons;

  • Non participation up to -25 pts.
  • Any electronic device -10 pts.
  • Tardiness -2pts.
  • Inappropriate behavior -2 to -25 pts. (teacher discretion)



Uniform:We recommend royal blue shorts and a grey shirt. Students may wear sweats as long as they are royal blue or gray. Students must wear athletic attire including athletic shoes


Absences and Injury: Students are expected to make up any points missed for days they have an excused absence or are in class but can’t participate. Doctors note are required for injury or illness longer than 3 days.


Extra Creditcan be earned in the following manner:

  • Run laps around the track (1 pt per lap ran)
  • 1 page papers, front and back, hand written (10 pts per paper, a maximum of 3 papers per semester). The subject may consist of the student’s favorite sport, team, athlete, activity, health, nutrition, or anything agreed upon through discussion with Mr. Young
  • Attending extra curricular school activities (5 pts per event). Students must have a teacher or coach at the event sign and date a piece of paper as proof of attendance.


Physical Fitness Testing:all 9th graders and 10th graders who didn’t pass the fitness test will be required by the state, school district, and Oak Grove High School to take the California state fitness test. The test is administers in March.


Parent-Student Handbook: all rules and requirements will be administered and followed. Please refer to the Oak Grove website or the East Side Union High School District Web site.



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