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Jennifer Claudio Locker
LAB: Blood Stringing
Students calculate the blood source origin using trigonometry
LAB: Hair and Fiber
Students use microscopes to analyze hair samples
LAB: Insect
LAB: Insect
California State Science and Engineering Fair 2018
California State Science and Engineering Fair 2018
Tech Challenge 2018 Preparation

Personal Achievements

Jennifer Claudio

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton, in a letter to Robert Hooke


Advanced Placement (AP) Biology provides high school students with the equivalent of a first-year college introductory biology course. Within this course, students take two class periods, of which one is designated as a "lecture" section and the other is a "lab exercise" component. The sections of the class may overlap, depending on the day's activities and topic. Student learn both a breadth and depth of biology topics, including topics which link chemistry to biological foundations. For this reason, prerequisites for taking AP Biology include chemistry and biology.


All students who are in AP Biology should plan to take the AP Biology exam in the first half of May. Optionally, students may also consider submitting a science research project into county and regional fairs.

Forensic Science

This course introduces and develops the methods used by forensic scientists, and the term for application of it is often shortened to “forensics”. Students will apply each of the core sciences - biology, chemistry, and physics - in order to become experts in several areas of forensic study.  Units included in this year-long course include crime scene documentation, trace evidence, hair and fiber analysis, blood spatter calculation, firearms and bullet analysis, handwriting study, and forensic pathology.  The course also includes investigation of world events such as the 9/11 World Trade Tower attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Successful completion of the course involves practicing being observant, documenting using writing skills, and applied math including trigonometry. As forensic experts, students will be able to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.


The study of forensics is popularized by many shows, such as Dexter, CSI, Forensic Files, Criminal Minds, Bones, and more.

Advanced Science Research

This course introduces and develops the methods of science research through participation in three science/engineering competition events and by completion of supporting coursework. It is an entirely immersive course, for which the end products will be selection and development of a high-level research experiment/project, competition in science and engineering fairs, and oral presentation of research studies.

All students compete in the following fairs:

  • Sciencepalooza! (district science fair -
  • Synopsys Championship (regional science fair -
  • Tech Challenge (local science and engineering fair with a rotating theme each year -

Students who are seniors (or otherwise in their last year of high school) are highly encouraged to enter a project into the Regeneron Science and Talent Search (STS).

Other fairs, competitions, and showcases which are either qualification-contingent, topic-determined, or optional include:

  • California State Science Fair
  • Intel International Science Fair (ISEF)
  • Poster competitions at the Northern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society
  • Breakthrough Junior Challenge
  • Maker Faires
  • Regional science days
  • Bay Area Festival of Science

Past Courses

  • Biology, Oak Grove High School
  • Biology (Sheltered), Oak Grove High School
  • Physiology, St. Lawrence Academy


Rigidity of Cognitive Control Incurred Due to Cerebral Stroke


In collaboration with Dr. Leila Akhmadeeva, Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia


Silent Witnesses: Hexapod Helpers in Crime Scene Investigation (Curriculum Unit)

Yale National Initiative 


Hot Topics in Arson Investigation (Curriculum Unit)

Literacy Design Collaborative 


External Affiliations

Synopsys Outreach Foundation:


Academic Chess Institute:

Student Achievements

Joshua De Leon Olivas: 1st Place Biological Science Award, Synopsys Championship 2018

Austin Lam: 3rd Place Physical Science Award, Synopsys Championship 2018

Zitlaly Martinez: Honorable Mention - Certificate of Achievement, American Society of Civil Engineers- San Jose Branch (An Innovative Gutter Design to Minimize Property Damage)

Eric & Jimmy Nguyen: 2nd Place Award - $100 Cash and Certificate of Achievement, American Society of Civil Engineers- San Jose Branch (A Proposed Design for Earthquake Resistant Housing Architecture)

Jasmine Nguyen: Certificate of Achievement, American Psychological Association (The Effects of Priming in the Context of Race and Crime)

Alexander Noriega: Honorable Mention, Biological Science and Engineering Category; $50 High School Plant Science, California Botanical Society (Antimicrobial Synergies of the Digestive Juices Formed by Nepenthaceae Plants)

Michael Pham: 3rd place HS student - $25 and Certificate of Achievement, American Vacuum Society, Northern CA; United States Air Force Recognition Award (The Development of a Solid State Fixed Wing Aircraft Powered by an Electro-Aerodynamic Thruster)

2018 Regional Championship winner list


Harlan Wiitala: CA State Science Fair (Thermal Regulator for Small Satellites, including a provisional patent)

Daijunay Turner: Certificate of Achievement from the Metric Association (The Role of Invasive Snail Ecology in the Production of Possible Natural Buffer Solutions)

Thomas Thach: 1st Place Biological Science Award, Sciencepalooza! (The Expression Pattern and Function of Fgf12 in Embryonic Heart Development)

Pauline Tran: 1st Place Physical Science Award (Analysis of Crack Formation under Pressure)

2017 Regional Championship winner list


Jennifer Mosch & Barah Aljewad: 1st Place Biological Science Award, Synopsys Championship 2016 (Effects of Cigarette Litter on the Urban Ecology of Armadillidium vulgare)

Thomas Thach: 2nd Place Biological Science Award, Sciencepalooza! 2016 (The Ace of Hearts: Engineering a Novel Heart Valve)

Alex Mendoza: 2nd Place Civil Engineering Award (The Effect of Shape and Configuration on Sand Bag Water Blockage)

James Nguyen, Ken Ma, & David Chau: 2nd Place Physical Science Award (Watt's Up with Watt Balances)

Angel Medina: 1st Place Physical Science Award and Best Use of Technology Award, Sciencepalooza! 2016 (Analysis of Thermal Distribution Dependent on Heat Sink Structure)

Claudia Toma: Civil Engineering Award, Synopsys Championship 2015 (The Effect of Particle Structure on Sand Arch Formation)

Anh Tran & Khanh Huynh: Best of Performance Award, Tech Challenge 2015

Jazmen Castaneda: 1st Place Biological Science Award, Sciencepalooza! 2015 (The Effect of Light Cycles on Pieris rapae)

Kim Ngo: 1st Place Physical Science Award, Sciencepalooza! 2015 (The Effects of Structure and Mass on Liquefaction during Earthquakes)

2016 Regional Championship winner list