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schedule 2017-2018

per.2 Spanish 1
per.3 Spanish AP Language
per4.  Spanish AP Language
per.5  Spanish 1
Per. 6 prep time
per. 7 Spanish 1


contact information

You can reach me by email at:, or by phone (408) 347- 6705



Carola Bendl Locker

Carola Bendl

Loving my language, culture and world traveling

Mis clases

Spanish/grammar resources

SOURCE  DESCRIPTION  Great website that has grammar exercises, quizzes & tests.  Spanish verbs & Vocabulary activities and games 
 Test your Spanish Test your Spanish knowledge of grammar 
 Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer  Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer
 Trent university Latino Studies  Trent University Spanish Language Exercises includes vocabulary
 Great Review for Grammar Lab Drills  Grammar Lab Tutorials
 Grammar Notes  Grammar Notes includes: Basics, Verbs  & Vocabulary
 Colby’s website  Great Website for grammar exercises with music

Promoting the study and appreciation of the Spanish Language by utilizing a variety of internet resources.


written accents Rules for the use of the written accent in Spanish


Carola Bendl Locker