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Mathematics and Computer Science

The Mathematics Department provides a strong and broad curriculum

ranging from Sheltered Common core Math 1 to Advanced

Placement Calculus BC. All students are required to earn 20 math credits.

For students who plan to attend a California State University,

30 credits are required. The University of California recommends 4 years.

All classes meet the California Common Core State Standards - Mathematics 

for Grades 9-12.

Classes Offered:

  • Common Core Math 1
  • Common Core Math 2
  • Common Core Math 3
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Advanced Placement Statistics
  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB
  • Advanced Placement Calculus BC
  • Exploring Computer Science.
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science A
Math Department
Contact Carmen Belleza  Carmen Belleza (408) 347-6676 Math Teacher
Contact David Brown  David Brown (408) 347-6909 Math Teacher
Contact Jody Carrasco  Jody Carrasco (408) 347-6901 Math Teacher
Contact Chrizia Dela Rosa  Chrizia Dela Rosa (408) 347-6888 Freshman Seminar
Contact Jamie Khuu  Jamie Khuu (408) 347-6869 Math Teacher
Contact Samuel Lee  Samuel Lee (408) 347-6905 Math Teacher
Contact Wendy Murata  Wendy Murata (408) 347-6964 Math Teacher
Contact Saba Rehman  Saba Rehman (408) 347-6975 Math Teacher
Contact Brandon Rosato  Brandon Rosato (408) 347-6956 Math Teacher
Contact Kim Schaupp  Kim Schaupp (408) 347-6920 Math Teacher
Contact Vu Tran  Vu Tran (408) 347-6741 Math Teacher